Fallout From The Crash. Who Benefits?

The next financial crash is coming.  Of that I am certain.  Whether that is a standalone event or is forced, cajoled, driven or influenced by other external factors taking place at the same time, is up for question.  Of course, the timing of such an event is also up for grabs.  I would love for it to happen this year and have factored that into the somewhat obscure darkness that I have predicted to be a feature of 2016.

A Guardian article (which was the inspiration for this post) talks about these things and fusses about whether, when a massive crash occurs, the fallout will favour either the left or the right.

Why are we so caught up in the absurd drama of any part of the spectrum of politics. It is not as though politics has proven to be of any benefit or advantage to anyone other than those who lay claim to being politicians and the people or entities in whose pay they inevitably are?

I am not interested in a crash where either the left or the right emerge winners.  I want to see a crash of such magnitude that the whole concept of politics. economy, society, industry, technology, finance, corporate-ness, arms and all things militaria, are all blown away, never to be part of human culture ever again.

Nothing less will suffice to restore that culture back onto the right track to stride forward into the uncertain future which adherents to those concepts have brewed within the bowels of their secret conclaves, and which all who remain in the aftermath of the crash will need to endure for as long as it takes for things to stabilise again.  I can guarantee that no-one in that situation will give a single thought about left or right, other than which foot to place to the ground next.

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    Another great post from Not Something Else.

    I’m not alone in wanting this crash to be the Crash That Ends All Crashes.

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