Mindless Mumbo Jumbo For Meatheads

So, once again Australia Day has been hijacked by the meat industry.  Another case of money talking no doubt.

Australia Day lamb ad featuring Lee Lin Chin does not incite hatred against vegans, Advertising Standards Board rules

7082170-3x2-940x627Lee Lin Chin stars in a commercial for Meat and Livestock Australia. We Love Our Lamb/ YouTube


At least it’s not that slimebag, whatever his forgettable name was, who did it over the last few years.

Still, typical, over-the-top, meaningless, Aussie film making, designed for the mindless masses.

2 thoughts on “Mindless Mumbo Jumbo For Meatheads

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  1. Good grief!!! I don’t watch commercial TV so hadn’t seen the ad. Mindless mumbo jumbo indeed! Is this what we’ve come down to?

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