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large_yvggtrav-9izcsr1rufgottpghop90mmrrjezphjfm8Image: Women draw drinking water on the banks of the dried-up Vakaria lake at Vakaria village, west of the western Indian city of Ahmedabad, May 14, 2011. REUTERS/Amit Dave


The World Economic Forum is not a place where I would normally go to find the information that I like to share, but they do have some interesting things to say about the year and decade ahead.

I just think they may have some of the risk weightings a little out of balance but it is all good stuff anyway …and cause for concern.


A readable version of this image is here.

Being a Statistician (well I was at one time) and a Systems Analyst (that too), not to mention being a Programmer (that’s what coders used to be called, until they thought they didn’t need any more programmers but later found that they did need coders), I get some sort of kick out of diagrams like the above.  There are times when I miss all of that, but not for long.

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