Voice Of Reason – 2016

I mentioned in an earlier post how I see only darkness hanging over global affairs for this year of 2016.  I have since found no reason to change that opinion in these first six days of the year. I am always interested in hearing what other people think and today I found this excellent appraisal... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year, Ukraine

Photo: © Lee Jae-Won / Reuters   This post inspired by: Ukraine officially defaults on $3bn debt to Russia; Moscow to sue Kiev in London court That's the thing about bonds, you see.  If you issue them, the folk who buy them, lending you their money for a bit of interest, expect to be paid back... Continue Reading →

The Great Oil Panic

More on what's in store for the world in 2016.  There are another three weeks remaining in 2015 before I have to finally make a stab at my best guess prediction for next year. Here is a major contender for the title:  '2016 - the year the oil industry closed down'.  Think about what that... Continue Reading →


I have been thinking recently, as i did in this post, about how to describe the year 2016 before it actually happens. I am finding it to be really difficult this year.  There are so many things that I can see happening in 2016 that I can't yet pinpoint one phrase that encapsulates them all.... Continue Reading →

Looking Back To The Future

I made a prediction on Facebook back in January of this year, for how 2015 would unfold and I have referred to that both there and here in this blog a number of times throughout the year.  I usually like to link my posts to a relevant article, and I did so in this case,... Continue Reading →

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