Looking Back To The Future

I made a prediction on Facebook back in January of this year, for how 2015 would unfold and I have referred to that both there and here in this blog a number of times throughout the year.  I usually like to link my posts to a relevant article, and I did so in this case, to this fine piece of work by columnist Nafeez Ahmed

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 I will repeat my Jan 2015 Facebook post here:

Everybody is getting in before me with their take on how grim 2015 is going to be.  I want to get my position out there but it just isn’t possible at the moment.  It takes me several hours to put together a reasoned presentation and I don’t have enough continuous electrical power at home at the moment to do that.  So, sadly, for me at any rate it will have to wait until after 27 Jan when my normal mains power is scheduled to be restored, three months to the day since it was cut off.

Meantime, there are enough good articles from some of the writers more noted than myself who have beautifully laid out likely events for this year.  Here are a few of them:

…and here is one for anyone who wishes to continue to live in fairyland, oblivious to what is really going on, for as long as possible:

Of course I know that not many people are interested enough to read even one of these pieces, except for the last one, but folk need to know that this information is out there …and maybe, just maybe, someone will sit up and take notice.  Let me know if that is you.

I was right about 2014.  All last year, from the very beginning, I said that would be the year everything changes.  And it was.  It was the final year that mankind could continue to kid themselves that everything was still normal, nothing much happening, carry on as usual, nothing to fear.  Just look back at the year and see if you still believe that.  We must stop kidding ourselves.  This is serious.  And what takes place this year and in future years will affect us all, will change the way we live.  Radically change it.  For many of us it will be our last year on Earth, for one reason or another.

I have named 2015 as the year the upheaval begins.  It may start slowly, and build over several years to come.  I don’t know, and neither does anyone else.  It could start dramatically, affecting the lives of millions from day one.  Ending the lives of millions from day one.   I don’t know, but I am prepared to expect either of those situations or anything in between.  One thing I am certain of: None of us will have any doubt at the end of this year, that modern civilisation is crumbling around us and there is nothing we can do about it.

I was harking back to 2014 where at the start of that year I began making a sort of prediction as to how the year would turn out, not just for me but for the whole of mankind, globally.

I had said that 2014 would be ‘The Year Where Everything Changes’ and I consider that was a true reflection of what happened.  2014 was the last year that life on Earth could ever again be considered as anything like ‘normal’.  It was the end of an era.  From now on, life would be different.  Nothing would ever be the same again, and we ought to consider that in our everyday plans.

I then made the prediction that 2015 would be ‘The Year The Upheaval Begins’.  As the year draws to a close I don’t think anyone could argue that this has not been a year of upheaval.  Maybe not so apparent in your life or mine, but on the global stage and even on the national stage, that is inarguable.  The world is in turmoil, the likes of which many of us will have never seen previously in our lifetime.  That situation is not going to go away and it would be foolish not to acknowledge that, and to plan accordingly.  Things are likely to deteriorate even further as we move into next year and, if they haven’t done already, are extremely likely to impact the lives of all of us.

I just want to repeat one sentence from my earlier post:

“One thing I am certain of: None of us will have any doubt at the end of this year, that modern civilisation is crumbling around us and there is nothing we can do about it.”

If you don’t see that, then you are not looking hard enough, or in the right places.

It is getting near time for me to make a prediction for 2016.  I have a vague recollection of having done so already, earlier in the year, but I can find no trace of having written about it, or what I might have said.  In any case, I have at this time no clear image of what title I should give to 2016.  I expect, if I think about it a bit, something will come to me over the next month, so stay tuned.

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