Battling The Masters Of The Universe

A war already being played out in front of our very own eyes.  Read all about it: Rumble in the ruble, fire in the markets

56a61fb2c4618859058b45a2Image credit: © Alexandr Demyanchuk / Sputnik

Oh Boy!  This I like.  This I like, very much.

Reporting on the battle against The Masters Of The Universe aka US Financial Elite (aided and abetted by their minions), the same global enemy who are the engineers of this year’s coming pre-planned economic crash.  A crash aimed primarily at impoverishing Russia and attempting to ensure that nation never becomes an independent state capable of operating outside of The Masters’ influence.

But, will Russia become the world’s first truly self-sustaining nation?  Will China become the Masters Of The New Universe?

These are questions that Pepe Escobar discusses in the intriguing post on RT, linked to above .

Quote: “Xi (China’s President) as much as anyone knows very well how the whole American economy – based on a worthless global reserve currency – is fueled by a rapacious, barely disguised tribute, paid by every nation in the world to the Empire of Chaos.  And Xi knows how this tribute scam is unraveling, fast.”

Oh Boy!  Is this year going to be interesting.

putintalkingI also just want to draw attention to another article here, that was linked to in the Pepe Escobar post but which deserves its own specific mention: Who Is Putin Talking To?

Any article that sheds light onto the murky fogs of global financial wheeling and dealing deserves to be given air time, just in case someone or other is listening.

I will add a further associated reference here (easier than starting a new post).  The Washington Post a couple of days ago questioned the recent Fed rate rise, saying: The Federal Reserve may have made a huge mistake

Of course it was a huge mistake, as I said the day it happpened.  A mistake which the American tax-payer will certainly recognise in due course, as it cripples further the already reeling US economy.

But it was all part of the plan, wasn’t it?  What plan?  You just read about it didn’t you in the Pepe Escobar article above?


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