Evidence of Election Fraud

I know I said yesterday that  I would attempt to not comment further on the illegality of the US 2020 election.  But at the time I had not read this article – which is a must read and especially a must watch (there is a 1hr 48min video of RNC press conference) for anyone interested in seeing the sort of strong evidence the Trump campaign has to bring out the illegality of that election in any valid US court system.

I have an even stronger conviction, having read and watched this information, that the result claimed by most media and even foreign governments, will undoubtedly be overturned, resulting in an eventual Trump victory.

Now, that may not be palatable for a great many people, but is not a truthful result better than a deliberately dishonest outcome? Come on… not all Americans are corrupt.  Not all are given to lying and deceitful practices.  This surely must be what most Americans want to see, no matter which way they may have voted.

I can only hope that this move is allowed to run its course before the election result is finally – and officially – discovered and announced.  If that does not happen then the US is in an even more dire situation than is generally believed.

Whatever you may think of America, and I have long been a vociferous critic of that country and its attitudes and standing in the world, the American people deserve to know the truth on this the most basic of democratic rights – the right to vote and have that vote recorded with equal weight to all other votes in a fair and honest contest. It is painfully clear that has not been the case in this election. All that needs to be done now is for that to be recognised and the true winner revealed – and that is not something within the purview of the media networks.

Ok, this may not be a huge issue, relatively speaking, among all the more pressing issues our world faces in the years ahead – and personally I wish it were all over and settled – but if we (not just Americans) cannot trust our national systems of governance on even such basic issues as election process, what chance do we have to overcome any larger problem?  You can I hope, see that there are actually much more pressing problems facing us than who sits in the big chair to represent us – because in the end, that will prove to be of little consequence.  

“I Know Sidney Powell. She Is Telling the Truth” – John Zmirak – The Stream 

The video from this article is below. Unless you like watching the back of press galleries, start video at 16:00 minute mark.

I put this together really quickly so it may not make complete sense and I don’t have time to correctly express it differently.

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