Crackle And Pop

Just thought I would throw a firecracker into the circle.  No particular reason.  Just because I can.

Talking about celestial catastrophes – which I wasn’t, but no reason I can’t – bearing in mind that there have been previous such events which intruded into the developing history of our planet – and again, with no reason to expect that there will not be others – there is this: 

“A modest impact has the potential to end civilisation, a giant one might put our species into an irreversible decline, like other primate species past and present. It took over three billion years of evolution to produce the sole terrestrial species capable of understanding the universe, and we do not know whether, if we are removed, intelligence is likely to evolve again. Nor do we know whether there are other intelligent species in our Galaxy. In the event that we are alone, and are removed by some catastrophe, then our Galaxy will return to its former dumb state and may never again leave it. In that sense, the survival of this particular species of ape is a cosmic imperative.” 

– W. M. Napier, “Comets, Catastrophes and Earth’s History,” Journal of Cosmology 2 (2009), 344–355. 

Quote found in Graham Hancock’s latest book, “America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization”. He’s a deep thinker that man – a kind of thinking man’s Indiana Jones. Thank goodness there are his like.

A thought just tossed into the fire to see how it crackles and pops. 

Crackling Fire Video

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