Cause For Concern

There are the usual genre of conspiracy theories going around about the US involvement in the origin of the current coronavirus situation – which I will continue to refer to as The Virus and which has so disrupted global economic affairs in recent weeks.  I have to say that while the US has its grubby hands in most of such conjectured or evidenced outrages, on this occasion none of the prevailing stories actually wash with me.

That is not to say, as this TASS article portrays, there is no room for such insinuations – and certainly there are questions to be asked.  Whether answers can be found is another thing entirely.  But continual suspicious antisocial behaviour on a national level does leave them open to many possible accusations.

That the US is ruled and led (those are two different roles for two different groups of people) by idiots should not be taken as sufficient reason for them to either not know what they are doing or to consider them incapable of doing it – whatever ‘it’ is.

This article raises some interesting points based on known US activity.  I am not going to say anything more just now as I don’t want to add to the present hysteria.  Just pointing out that there is sufficient cause for concern.  With the US, they always provide such cause for concern.  I’m not sure if they actually know how obvious that is, or if they just don’t care. 

“Russia has no data on ‘US role’ in coronavirus outbreak – diplomatic source” – TASS

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