The Sound of Rocks Rolling

I love it when Jim spells it out for what it is.  The end of the road for global finance.  Believe it.  You won't need to believe for long.  It's here. It's now. It's what it is.  It's all that there is, and it's all over - bar the soundtrack of a crumbling system. Time... Continue Reading →

Virus Latest, and more…

The latest on Coronavirus, beg pardon, I mean COVID-19 or 'The Virus'. There are now well over half a million confirmed cases globally, most of them now in the USA - whose political leader has been reprising the role of King Cnut, holding back the waves by royal decree on the sea shore, as history... Continue Reading →

2020 – A year that will be…

2020 - A year that will be predominantly remembered for the ascent of Russia and China as the stabilising forces in global affairs while Western imperialist warmongers are exposed as the impotent shadow forces, the self-made 'has-beens' that they have become through their own folly, fade further into the background, not to be remembered kindly... Continue Reading →

Backing Up My COVID-19 Facts

In case anyone challenges my recent statements on the death rate from COVID-19, currently standing at 16% - see earlier post today, as being alarmist or simply crackpot, let's see what the experts at Worldometers have to say on the subject. But before we do that, let's just take a logical look at it. The... Continue Reading →

A Model of Cooperation

BRICS - The organisation of mutual and peaceful international cooperation that covers the majority of the global population (or at least vastly more than any other such). That's some achievement.   

COVID-19 Death Rate Reaches 16%

Today the true COVID-19 death rate reaches 16%. Now, let me see, what was it I was saying yesterday? Alarmist? Me? I'm just reporting the true figures not the false information based ones. Anyway, it seems that the world could do with a little alarming - before it gets a catastrophic reality check.

Wheels Fall Off Axis Of Evil

Europe defies US sanctions to provide help to Iran.  What's going on? The mighty B-double truck of the US Axis of Evil is gradually losing wheels and soon faces becoming a unicycle - with the consequent loss of influence anywhere - even with Piggy Pompeo pedalling as fast as he can.  Bring on the day. ... Continue Reading →

Daily 1% Rise In COVID-19 Deaths

Five days ago, March 20, I reported a COVID-19 true death rate of 10%. Today that rate has risen to 15%. Let me repeat, only closed cases of a pandemic can be counted to determine a true death rate.  Closed cases are those where the patient has either been discharged from hospital (or is otherwise... Continue Reading →

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