2020 – A year that will be…

2020 – A year that will be predominantly remembered for the ascent of Russia and China as the stabilising forces in global affairs while Western imperialist warmongers are exposed as the impotent shadow forces, the self-made ‘has-beens’ that they have become through their own folly, fade further into the background, not to be remembered kindly by those they have robbed, pressured and afflicted over the last 100 years or more.

The West still don’t get it.  Trump and Pompeo are still trumpeting their pre-eminence. Still think they are world leaders. Still think the US is influential on the global stage. Well it is, a little, but only among their own minion states, while nobody else listens or cares any more what they say or even outwardly deride, dismiss or ignore them.  There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Here, is a short list of what really matters in this world at the moment – apart from that invisible enemy currently filling the news and waging war on us from inside. This article is from The Saker blog.  I don’t need to comment further.

“A few recent political developments which should not go unnoticed”

Readers may also find some useful information in the comment section too.  The Saker blog is one place that does get moderated to mostly deflect nutcases and trolls.

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