Russia Signals Effective End-of-line For Kiev’s Donbass Blockade

It has been a long time coming, but that is not in any way the fault of Russia. Every opportunity had to be given to the Kiev government to recognise the special nature of the LPR and DPR through the Minsk 2 agreements – which Kiev has singularly failed to do, but has engaged in a genocidal, cowardly, non-stop war against the mainly Russian speaking peoples of those self-declared independent areas, aided by the ethics deficient degenerates among western governments.

But not for much longer.

Russian President Putin has given Kiev less than a single month to get their act together under Minsk 2 and start behaving like they were actually genuine human beings or he will initiate… [Let’s get the wording right here] …

…a series of measures within a month to ease the conditions for admitting goods from the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) to the Russian market. The decree stipulates that these goods may take part in state procurement tenders alongside Russian merchandise.

The Russian government has also been instructed to carry out work within a month for validating certificates of the origin of goods issued to businesses actually operating in the DPR and the LPR. As part of the package of support measures, the Russian leader instructed the government to lift qualitative restrictions for the export and import of goods moving to or from these territories across the Russian state border.

“Putin’s decree on Donbass is response to Kiev’s refusal to honor Minsk accords — envoy” – TASS

I think it is generally known that Ukraine does not possess an economy of any value outside these separate Donbass areas. So this long and patiently awaited – personally for me and I am sure for many others, far more closely related to the situation (I have simply followed, with interest, the twists and turns it has taken since early 2014) – almost inevitable outcome, which has finally arrived I believe. When President Putin decrees something, it always gets done. This will signal the end of Ukraine as a viable but always nondescript nation.

This will, I am also sure, really put the cat among the pigeons, and generate much soiled underwear in Kiev, Washington, London, and various other low dives – always and ever on the wrong side of history – for a short but disruptive time. That will, from a distance at least, be interesting to watch and only add to the West’s growing reputation as toothless tigers or bumbling, bloated, belligerents – which can only be good for the world at large and precipitate (I’m sure the fuss will all be over by then) a kind of joyful celebratory end of year period for all or most concerned. Yes, there are a few times when I put on my optimist’s hat. News like this, tends to foster such overt glee. I just hope I have read the situation correctly. It had to come to something like this, eventually.

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