Why Does America Always Take Positions Which Set Itself Up For Failure?

I could give numerous such cases but let’s look at something current – a very long running saga, the US relationship with Asia. The tune of that relationship, such as it is, such as it ever was (and there is only one single tune – though numerous variations), can be played on a one string banjo.

‘US at ASEAN Summit Looks to Turn Region Against Itself’ – Brian Berletic for New Eastern Outlook

Whether it is West-Asia, Central-Asia, Southern-Asia, East-Asia, or South-East-Asia, the US one-track mindset always follows the same song-sheet. Even though capabilities never match expectations or designs. Also, equally ubiquitously, results are always lacking in material or influential gain, but more resembling shooting oneself in the foot while somehow claiming that as a victory. I am not well-versed in psychopathy, but surely there must be a number of well documented behavioural markers revealed by such repetitive and delusional actions, wouldn’t you say?

Anyway, I think it undismissible that this is what the US does best. Nor that this is the path of delusion they have followed, not just in Asia but the world over and even internally for the whole of their 250+ years of existence. Moreover, the delusion has been spread to other western life-streams who may be persuaded to follow (in subordinate roles of course) to appear to gain a share in the ‘benefits’ – at least for as long as they are considered to be ‘useful idiots’. The program also unbelievably extending to gaining assistance from those who would be considered by rational folk to be undesirable elements of humanity – on more or less the same terms but with the added ‘benefit’ of being shot to pieces (when opportunity permits) on expiry of their ‘useful idiot’ card. There should not be any necessity for me to explain this further in less opaque terms. There are no ‘one-offs’ in this scheme. Always the same basic plan. Always the same basic result. It is not difficult to follow the steps.

The West has been trying for decades to turn Asian states against themselves and particularly against China and not least within SE Asia but, as I have said before, neither China nor the other ancient Asian cultures need to act rashly. They can well afford to allow the apocalyptic clock to run down toward a weakening of the West. They will not anyway turn away from China, no matter what. Time is not, however, a luxury the West has in its list of options for implementation of its ‘international order’. Those opportunities are fast running out.

Enough of my waffling. Please read the story linked above. That is the object of my writing.

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    1. Most of my written questions here are purely rhetorical – designed to hopefully set people thinking. I don’t very often get called on them, but I’m happy to respond when they are. Especially when framed with a genuine opinion. Your comment is a good one, Muunyayo.

      That America is in a state of collapse I think is now undeniable by anyone with powers of observation. That it is engineered, I am not so sure, unless we take that ‘engineering’ as being the direct consequences of American activity and attitudes over time. Most Americans would never have imagined, nor would have knowingly taken part in any scheme which would ultimately have reduced their country to its present state. Yes, they imagined themselves as always being at the top of the heap and perhaps eventually dominating global governance. And they have, generally speaking, been engineered, taught, and induced to blindly accept that as their destiny. It must be a shock to many Americans to see all those hopes falling apart. They have been used and abused, and have had all the wealth and power sucked out of them, willingly to a great extent, until what remains today is nothing much more than dry bones led by bumbling and incompetent fools (that is definitely something which has been engineered). America is about to be cast aside as of no further use in the global master plan. The fact that they are still there, still mostly intact and still operating as an entity, is down to the global dominance of the US dollar. But careful observers would see even that dominance is waning.

      So, the question is, at whose feet does responsibility for this situation lie? Who has sucked America dry? It doesn’t take much thought to find an answer. Not that this is just about America per se, but there are two Americas. The America of the mostly distressed and hard-pressed people of that nation and the America of the Globalists – the rich and powerful mega-barons of the corporate world. Who is effectively governing the world already? Who is behind the fall of American institutions and controlling whatever remains of its political structures? Who has most (if not all – and I include both Russia and China in that, potentially) the rest of the world’s governments in their pockets? Who is even now directing the future of all the world’s people in accordance with their overall diabolical plan to oversee every aspect of life? Who now actually has direct control of most of the world’s population with the power to say who lives and who dies (by application or withholding of medical treatments, food supplies, etc.)? It is these same globalists. They no longer need America as their ‘police force’. It can be disposed of like any other nation. No national structures will be necessary in a Globalist world and, in that world where much real estate will become unlivable before too much time has passed, not nearly so many people will be required to populate it.

      OK, I have said enough I think. Yes, we are living history, while marching, or lurching, toward a future (perhaps) of which we currently have little knowledge. I guess all we need to know is that we will own nothing but we will be happy. Why fight it? If the world’s once most powerful nation has been broken, what can you or I do to prevent whatever else is planned, from happening? We are a disorganised rabble. But I guess that won’t prevent us from trying.

      I guess I could have resolved this with a single statement, in retrospect. “Why Does America…?” America has little choice in the matter.

      1. Nice ….i read this twice….your insight is SPOT-ON.

        Also, I appreciate you replying!

        There is divine common sense with which your words convey your sentiments – it’s a straightforwardness that I strive to emulate, not mimic, but emulate.

        This is exactly why it is my strong contention – I mean this – more people would benefit greatly from reading your posts and consensus… people that are drawn to the issues at hand, that your present.

        The concept that is a meme “they got the memo” – I am exploring this very deeply and soon I am publishing something I’ve discovered. What I’ve come across is indicative of “global controllers” deploying carefully constructed narratives, mindsets, schools of thought, etc that aim to have the citizens, ordinary people, infact embrace the collapse and accept their remedy.

        The specifics involve the little-discussed Union of Intelligible Associations (UIA) and the work they have undertaken since 1907. (I would like to also point out the UIA has other iterations – like the “Union of International Associations” – this is how they want the public to define them. However within the UIA documents they refer to peers as “Intelligible” quite frequently).

        This UIA was started by Internationalists. They were two freemasons that won Nobel prizes on scientific research. The UIA maintains a database of MILLIONS of worldwide organizations (civic, professional, academic, artistic, etc) that are furnished the memo.

        They use “Sacred Geometry” to communicate to their peers. They have built the massive “Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential” – the workable database of “world problems” has cumulated into the EXACT criteria of what the UN Agenda 2030 has baked within their 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

        I am doing my best to really outline the explosive power this group has on world affairs. And the members direct connections to “the globalist machine/financial capital cabal/etc”..I’ll update you here when I publish it…

        Thank you for your Insights. Have a great evening!

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