China, On A New Journey

In an unusually comprehensive and worthwhile online appraisal from TeleSUR, the China of President Xi Jinping is well described.   I do not need to comment further on China's success story.  My views on the good that most populous nation of the world has achieved to lift itself to a preeminent and enviable  position in global... Continue Reading →

Cue Some Magician’s Apprentice Music…

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was among world leaders who gathered in Glasgow this week. Reuters: Alastair Grant British PM BoJo looks on in bewildered amazement as Aussie PM and resident mage ScoMo, practices his Sleight of Hand to fix that pesky Climate Change issue. Some clever photography there, as flummoxed BoJo is invested with the award... Continue Reading →

November ?th Riddle

OK, so my previous post on Iran foiling a US oil theft attempt was a little time-warped. It didn't take place today, Nov 5, but a few days earlier. The exact date is still not clear, but does it really matter? The rest of the story is true, whether the US admits it or not.... Continue Reading →

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