November ?th Riddle

OK, so my previous post on Iran foiling a US oil theft attempt was a little time-warped. It didn’t take place today, Nov 5, but a few days earlier. The exact date is still not clear, but does it really matter? The rest of the story is true, whether the US admits it or not. The video, even without much dialogue, is evident to that …and I had fun with it. I hope you did too. What’s a day or two here or there, in this crazy 2021 world?

Here is the FARS News Agency report, which also indicates that it was actually Iran’s own oil they were rescuing. Oil the US had earlier stolen (isn’t that called piracy?) and transferred to another tanker. You’ve all seen those jokey stories where a not very bright ne’er-do-well does something stupid and then gets caught, well, isn’t this one of those? Or has the US started its own genre of stupidity?

“IRGC Naval Forces Thwart US Act of Piracy in Sea of Oman” – FARS News Agency

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