Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November…

…Gunpowder, Treason And Plot.

So goes the old Guy Fawkes rhyme.

Well, I don’t think we – and particularly the US Navy – will easily forget November 5, 2021. For today is the day when the US, hoping to make off with yet another tanker load of stolen oil (stolen from where, is not stated, but I suspect from the Syrian oilfields north of the Euphrates, where the Americans have been continually stealing Syria’s oil for at least the past 4 years and trucking it out through Iraq – obviously to awaiting tankers at some convenient oil terminal in gulf waters), [note: I am still trying to finish a sentence here] when the fugitive oil tanker – accompanied by two USN Arleigh Burke class destroyers – was boarded by IRGC commandos and surrounded by Iranian fast attack patrol boats and a catamaran. The Iranians took control of the tanker, with the intention of preventing the theft, denying the US of its stolen oil cargo, and effectively corralled the US destroyers to prevent their intervention.

“Curses! Foiled again, Batman!”

Can you believe that? Well it happened, today, November 5, and we have the video, courtesy IRGC, to prove it. How far has the mighty USN, as the senior arm of the US military, fallen this year? Two Arleigh Burke class destroyers, reinforced by other USN vessels called to assist them, plus a US Coastguard frigate and helicopters, all bested and humiliated by a few patrol boats and a catamaran and forced to move away empty-handed. There must be some humour in there somewhere. For some, anyway. I expect there will need to be some explaining to be done, on the carpet in front of some Admiral’s desk, as well. But hopefully no racking and whatever else poor Guy had to suffer, some centuries ago.

I can’t tell the story any better than the around seven minute video, which carries a subtitle commentary, so I will shut up and you can watch for yourself…

A few screenshots from video…

I have a question in relation to this particular snapshot…

Who, or what, is this motley crew, watching on from an upper deck on the closest USN destroyer? They certainly do not look like they are regular USN personnel. Does every USN vessel have its bunch of agency ‘commissars’? Or were they expecting trouble?

See my next post – November ?th Riddle – for a further clarification on this story.

3 thoughts on “Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November…

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  1. Your entries get better and better. I look forward to your insight everyday.

    I’m curious if you have been on any podcasts before? Discussing your perspective on geopolitical events, the Forever Virus, the destabilization of the middle East?

    1. I thank you for your interest and kind comments, (I’m going to call you…) Muunyayo (since I don’t know, nor need to know, any other name – and it seems less impersonal). My name is Bernie (if you choose to use it) and I blog openly under that name on VK.

      No, I have not been on any podcasts. I find them too boring, slow, and full of irrelevant banter, for me to personally listen for longer than a few minutes. And I haven’t been asked to make or appear on any either. I don’t think it would work out well since, while I find I can write fairly fluently at times (and have the opportunity to assess and alter, sometimes many times, before publishing), I cannot generally order my thoughts to speak on a topic and for it to come out clearly in a way that I would feel comfortable with. And there are always thoughts that I wish my chaotic mind had said at the time. I can often add those thoughts afterwards in a written piece but that would be impossible on a podcast. We have to know and work within our limitations.

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