Cue Some Magician’s Apprentice Music…

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was among world leaders who gathered in Glasgow this week. Reuters: Alastair Grant
British PM BoJo looks on in bewildered amazement as Aussie PM and resident mage ScoMo, practices his Sleight of Hand to fix that pesky Climate Change issue. Some clever photography there, as flummoxed BoJo is invested with the award of the laurels and imperfect halos in the ‘Order of the Classic Clowns’.
Beware if he asks you to to sniff his poppy. That’s a squirter in his left hand.

But it is not at all funny really is it? I mean, kids are gonna get hurt, as this rather well produced (the ABC is quite good at that) ABC online story reveals…

“Coming to age in climate change – By Maani Truu for Australia’s ABC News.

Not only that, but this coming Aussie Summer is going to be a stinker. All that talk of 1.5°C is enough to make you not want to get out of bed in the morning, as this story also reveals that the IPCC has revealed that the average Australian temperature increase now stands at 1.4°C. Next year, perhaps even this year, we may tip that 1.5°C. But we can forget about Australia. In another decade, give or take a year or two, the continent will need to be evacuated as being unlivable. I can talk about this impassively for myself because it is unlikely that I have even another decade of life left in me. But I have grandchildren as young as three years old. Where will they go?

Australia is in a worse position than many other places, but wherever you live, that region will also get there. “Could also happen later this decade,” says this story. I wrote an article on this situation earlier this year (in hindsight the title was a bit flippant given the seriousness of the situation), incrementally based on previous personal efforts back to around 2014. In that article, using the latest data (2020 figures) for global average temperatures which showed a 1.2°C increase with rates of change also increasing almost annually over the past decade, I made an estimate that the global 1.5°C figure would be reached around 2024/5 and 2.0°C by 2032. I see no reason to alter those predictions. Well, there is no further data on which to base any change until some time next year.

So. I don’t think I want to say any more. The information is all there if you want to take a look. And much good may it do you.

It is what is to become of the children we should most be concerned about.

And I have kind of made light of this situation again it seems. What else is there to do? We are surrounded by clowns and magicians. Behind the curtain, pulling the levers now, it is only mother nature. It has actually been that way all along. She just gave us our own curtain and some toy levers to play with to see what we would do with them. We messed up. But she has always been in control no matter what. And now has some housecleaning to do.

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