Population Growth still on Track – COVID Makes No Difference

Some time ago (at least 2 years) I predicted, based on global population clock figures, that the 50 year trend of an average annual growth in human beings on planet Earth, of something in the low 80+ millions, would continue for some time yet and may, all things being equal and barring catastrophes (which do not include mild, so-called pandemics), never cease to divert from that number – given the length of time it has already held steady.

I said that at the end of 2021 the total population would be 7.92 billion and, with a further 80+ million added in 2022, actually reach the 8 billion total just before the end of that year.

Well, last night I sat watching the daily tickers on Worldometers ticking over as midnight approached where I am, for the purpose of checking what the current setting is for 24 hours growth. Just before the daily count reset to zero at midnight, that figure stood at just over 222,670. So, we can take that as the expected daily net increase for the current year. You will realise I hope that this is simply a mechanical, actually electronic digital, count based on the previous annual rate of growth which as far as I know is reset every July 1, to reflect the previous calendar year results. Worldometers chooses to set the annual population counts as at this date, the mid-year point, presumably because it is by then that they have received all the many national data inputs which enable the totals to be calculated, with whatever adjustments that need to be made to maintain the count for the coming 12 months. It couldn’t really be done any other way, could it?

It is a little confusing though because we generally think of annual data as reflecting results for the calendar year – Jan 1 to Dec 31. And that is how the daily population tickers are expressed. But the annual tabulated figures (historical data) are recorded from Jul 1 to Jun 30. We just need to be aware of that.

Incidentally, it does not matter where you are in the world, you will always get the same figures as I do from these clocks because your midnight, whenever it occurs in the daily cycle of planetary spin, will always be 24 hours since the previous midnight. So your daily counts always get reset at the correct time for where you are.

Back to what I was talking about. So, we have a current expected daily global net population increase of 222,670 people. Just for completeness, as I’m sure most people would understand, the net population increase is the number of new births minus the number of deaths in the same time period.

Expanding the daily figure to an annual one, we find the expected annual net increase is 222,670 x 365 = 81,274,550, once again being in the 80+ million bracket. For as long as this same turnover continues, i.e. more that 80 million people added each year, we will also see another billion people in total every 11-12 years. I hope that fact will stop you in your tracks to at least consider the implications for humanity. Anyway, this current expectation is based on 2020 data, which would have included any perturbations arising from any extra deaths due to the COVID pandemic in that year. What does that tell us? Well, basically, and perhaps we should wait until the 2021 figures come out to be sure, it tells us that the so-called pandemic has made no actual difference to the number of deaths in 2020 and is likely to similarly also not do so in 2021. Well, to be sure, to be sure, we should actually wait until we see what the daily count is reset to from Jul 1, 2022, to see if there were any great perturbation from COVID deaths in 2021. But, no matter that, for now, we can legitimately ask the question – So, where do the 5 million deaths attributed to COVID fit into that scenario? You cannot tell me that there were an extra 5 million births in that two year period to cover those extra deaths. What it actually means is that there were likely no extra deaths due to COVID and that any deaths attributed to that disease were going to die from something else anyway in the same period.

Is that not the only logical conclusion which can be derived? I think that most people would be aware that most of those 5 million deaths were misattributed to COVID, but do not perhaps know the reasons why. We have been lied to from the very start of the current ‘pandemic’, with lies designed to instill fear into people. Ask yourselves why?

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