Deconstructing US Infrastructure Plan

For today at least, I have given up asking the sort of questions to which I (and I am sure you also) already know the answers. I am just going to make what I consider appropriate statements.

In all the time I have been writing about global activities, which, as it turns out, has mostly consisted of praising Russia and China, and other non-western countries, and gouging chunks out of the sad and sorry reputations of the US and its claque of obedient claqueurs, aka western nations …and I have been doing that for some years now. It never tires, and the torrent of content which drives it never seems to become assuaged – in fact there are times when the content subject matter becomes so overpowering that I find myself at a loss to know what single aspect to write about. In all that time, I have never found a single thing the US or the west in general, has done, which could be described as ‘honourable’ or ‘humanitarian’, or even in some minor way ‘good’ and beneficial to the world. Not a single thing. And even if something has the appearance of being one of the activities which could be described as ‘laudable’, there is always – if you peer beneath the glossy covers – some angle of malicious intent which immediately takes the shine off the whole thing and renders it among the shoddiest of their always shoddy practices.

They don’t see it that way of course. When they look in the mirror they see pinnacles of shining humanity acting with divine authority. They perceive themselves as shining beacons, spreading light from their shining cities on shining hilltops from sea to shining sea. And that is perhaps the saddest thing. They are mentally conditioned to act that way. They can never rest in the contentment that they may have done, even by accident, something worthwhile. Because everything they do fails to meet their own shoddy standards, and feeds the drive to hatch even shoddier and ever less substantial plans. Where will it all end? Oh, sorry, that’s a question, and I said I wasn’t going to do those today.

Music break. Take five, relax and ponder that non-question I just didn’t ask, as you listen to ‘Where it stops (no-one knows)’ – No words, just a strangely familiar yet unfamiliar tune which could go on for ever …but doesn’t.

Hmm… nice. I’m totally relaxed now, or possibly confused, but I think I have played my part here. I can happily leave it up to the editors at the Global Times to complete the deconstruction in their own calm and meaningful way. I could, if you still want a musical setting for your further reading, suggest a rendition of that old song, something about wheels on my wagon… I think the last verse goes something like…

No wheels on my wagon,
And I’ve stopped rolling along
The Cherokees are after me
They look mad, things look bad,
But I’m singing’ a Ha-a-pp-ee song.

“Feeble imitation of China cannot help US in major infrastructure building: Global Times editorial”

US infrastructure Illustration: Xia Qing/GT

The Cherokees, I suspect, if they have not all been ‘harmonised’ into the culture that stole their country, will be home in bed, sleeping the sleep of the innocent and waiting for the day, hopefully soon to come, when their lands will be returned to them, having been vacated by the disappearing remnants and left in the abused and blood-soaked state that was always the hallmark of that abhorrent culture wherever they ventured.

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