A Tale To Warm The Heart – FOCAC

No, I am not back to writing or even functioning normally, yet. But I am improving, and I have something I want to give air to and promote as being something which warms my heart, in contrast to most of the world news which crosses my path on a daily basis.

Africa, so long known as the dark continent, has suffered at the hands of western imperialism perhaps more than anywhere – though making such comparisons achieves little and is fraught with other dangers. It is gratifying to know that the world’s currently most powerful nation in economic terms and possibly others, has taken up the challenge to cooperatively find a way to improve Africa’s fortunes and lift its peoples out of poverty as it has in its own homeland. Let’s face it, there is no other nation on the planet that could undertake such a task – though it does have some very powerful friends.

The West, of course, sulkily sniping from its own much reduced global influence in recent times, can only think in terms of debt. Never its own of course – such is never acknowledged. But it accuses China of raising debt-slavery among those nations with which it acts cooperatively. They never take into account the fact that increasing abundance in these nations through modern infrastucture and technology, etc. guarantees increased prosperity and liberation of the people’s inherent talent to blossom further in their own way – and therein lies the answer to the world’s problems.

This is the story of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), well told by the author of this piece, including its now in session ‘Eighth Ministerial Conference’ in Dakar.

‘Dakar meeting could be historic turning point’ – Charles Onunaiju | China Daily | Updated: 2021-11-29 

I just want to make this final note – before I slump back in to my health related ‘slough of despair’ (and yes, I may be being a little over-dramatic, but if I don’t play it for all it is worth, who’s going to notice? I’m unused to being sick, so I have to maximise my rare opportunities).

FOCAC covers all member nations of the Africa Union (AU), except one insignificant little one which recognises Taiwan. That significant mistake stemming I’m sure from the even bigger mistake taken back in 1968 as they emerged from the clutches of the British Empire and were immediately seized in a deadly embrace as the only African nation to share bilateral-relations with the US. That nation is Eswatini, its name having changed from Swaziland in 2018. You’ve never heard of Eswatini? That’s not surprising really, as the US has done absolutely nothing to improve its state since 1968. It does have one accolade though – it is the world centre for HIV. The people of Eswatini appear to be happy but their lot is never going to improve while tied to the last dying empire.

It is recognised that other AU nations have varied relations with the US, which continually attempts to increase its presence there, but none of them except Eswatini have recognised Taiwan – suggesting that US influence has not progressed far. A few other African states have informal relations with Taiwan, including South Africa – which is presumably presents insufficient discord to preclude that nation and China from mutual partnership in BRICS.

This Youtube video by a Russian tourist (Englich subtitles) tells me all I need to know about Eswatini. Trust me it is worth watching. Afterwards you can forget Eswatini and continue marvelling at the impact of China’s global foreign policy and what it means for the world.

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    1. Thank you, Kerry, I am feeling better in myself, though the coughing persists but less disruptively and the nasal issues keep hovering in the background. Today is day 14 and it hasn’t developed into anything further – for which I am grateful. It has all the appearances of being bacterial rather than viral in nature.

      This came about because I relented on a decision not to allow my daughter, who is COVID vaccinated, and my 3 year old grandson, to visit. They live over 200 Km away in Metropolitan Melbourne and had just come out of the last COVID lockdown there. I wanted to see them at least one more time, and how do we know how much longer we have? I felt sure my immune system would sustain me, as it has for decades now but, after a year or so of being mostly confined to home, perhaps I was being a little too hopeful. They, of course, wanted to drag me out into the world of people – where I found (as expected) I wasn’t welcome as an unvaccinated person – but we had an enjoyable time in the great outdoors despite that. They left after 4 days, and my illness began just before that. I am not blaming anyone. I took the risk, knowingly.

      I can now function more or less normally and I have no need to leave home at all. I receive a weekly grocery box, ordered online and hand delivered by the ladies of my local eco-store, which caters for all my food needs and other incidentals. All other activity is suspended for however long it takes.

      We have bigger things to worry about in any case, as the year draws to a close.

      Take care of yourself, and thanks for your concern.

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