Maria Calls A Spade A Spade

The G7 group of countries are not an international organisation. Nor do they wield any authority to tell any other nation what they must do or not do. They are a self-elevated, group of self-interested, miscreant nations who do not represent a majority of anything (not even GDP) in either the geopolitical or the real world. And certainly not a majority of the people nor any longer a majority of the employable or deployable power in the world – most of their supposed and much vaunted and flaunted wealth simply representative of their majority of the world’s accrued debt*. OK, so they do hold a majority of something, but is accrued debt anything to crow about?

*Note: This is an estimation. I haven’t actually worked it out, but it seems a reasonable conclusion – and it is not easy to find actual national debt figures since they are mostly hidden and mischeviously disguised as somehow relational to GDP (as if that were some sort of realistic measure of wealth) or the nation’s population. Debt is debt, no matter how many people own it or whatever statistical manipulation is applied to it.

Nor do those nations hold a shiny, unblemished record which would recommend them as being at all altruistic, whether intentionally or actually, as distributers of that which could be considered beneficial to any nations other than themselves. Au contraire.

So, when the G7 starts to gesticulate wildy in the direction of Russia as needing to be held responsible for any damage they have recently caused, especially since the G7 has both currently and historically been the cause of much of the global destruction and mayhem, it becomes a laughable tragi-comedy, verging on the slapstick variety. Thank goodness there is the likely lass who fronts as spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, to draw some perspective around the situation for all us onlookers. If a spade needs to be called a spade, Maria is the person to do it – and effectively so.

‘Russian diplomat urges G7 countries to assess global damage they caused in past 25 years’ – TASS

And in any case, much of the damage and destruction the G7 would attribute to Russia in Ukraine, would actually have been caused by the actions of Ukraine military and associated terrorists among, around, leading and backing them. Russia having taken great care – wherever possible – to not destroy Ukrainian persons, materiel or infrastructure. It is only thanks to the Russian military and their directing authorities that there will remain any habitable swathes of what used to be Ukraine territory – they having cleared, tidied, buried and, along with those who did not oppose them, are restoring and rebuilding as much of that destroyed infrastructure as is necessary. Someone will eventually have to pay for all that work of course. I suggest that will likely be whatever is left of Ukraine, if anything, together with its current backers (those who supplied the means of destruction), once the dust has settled.

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