US Unleashes Armed Mayhem on the World

Through its boundless enthusiasm to curb the slow but relentless advance of Russian forces across the whole of Europe (not originally planned but now seen as necessary, and I agree, to completely delouse Europe of US control [that is what ‘demilitarisation’ and ‘denazification’ calls for]), the US has unleashed previously unheard of levels of global mayhem on the world for the foreseeable future. This arises from the profligate and largely uncontrolled provision of weaponry (modern or outdated) to the armed forces of Ukraine. The US is of course not alone in this distribution of death. NATO nations have also contributed, many of them actually emptying their warehouses of such items.

How can this be? Well, shady operators in Ukraine, one of the most corrupt nation states there has ever been – the US and NATO nations lagging not far behind – see an unprecedented opportunity to reap mucho moolah from the illicit sale of such high-demand items. Global terrorist organisations rub their hands in glee at the prospect. The ‘shady operators’ range from US/NATO Generals to underpaid (if paid at all) common soldiers, criminal organisations and those individuals who opportunely picked up an AK47 for free, courtesy of the Ukraine government.

Enough from me. I am resharing this whole VZGLYAD article on the subject because of its importance to the wider world. You can find the original article (in Russian, though it will translate) here:

‘Ukraine has substituted the weapons interests of the West’ – VZGLYAD

Ukraine has substituted the weapons interests of the West

Anti-tank missile systems delivered to Ukraine can now surface at any time in other parts of the world  June 6, 2022, 11: 14
Text: Gevorg Mirzayan, Associate Professor of Finance University

It seems that the West is finally beginning to understand the riskiness of supplying the most advanced weapons to Ukraine. This country is turning into a colossal black market for hundreds of thousands of weapons that are suddenly almost freely available. Where and how are machine guns and MANPADS sold in Ukraine – and how will all this eventually be used against the residents of Western countries themselves?

In the West, they are increasingly criticizing the arms rage – mass deliveries of American and European weapons to Kiev. To the previously stated arguments about the inadmissibility of allocating multibillion-dollar aid to Ukraine against the background of the need for multibillion-dollar investments in the American economy (as some congressmen are now saying) and fears of depletion of American arsenals (as others are saying), voices were added that these weapons can simply go to the left.

Armory Fair

“As soon as the conflict in Ukraine is over, weapons will enter the illegal market. We’ve seen this happen in other conflicts. Even now, criminal organizations are looking at these weapons, ” said INTERPOL Secretary General Jurgen Stock. According to him, the weapons can go both to Europe and to other countries.

Herr Stock is wrong, of course. Western weapons will not leave Ukraine after the end of the conflict – they are already leaving. So, in March, a very interesting ad for the sale of armored Land Rover jeeps appeared on one of the Ukrainian car sales sites. The explanation to it indicated that these vehicles were previously in a warehouse of the British army. That is, these were the very cars that were sent by Great Britain to help the Ukrainian army. Now there are more and more such ads.

On the Internet, you can find offers for the sale of M16 rifles delivered by the Americans to Ukraine, as well as other samples of Western small arms (M4 submachine guns, Italian Beretta ARX160, etc.). And not only small arms – quite expensive Javelin anti-tank systems were put up for sale, which the Ukrainians themselves positioned as “Wunderwaffe”. Quite a Wundervaffe, by the way, if you need to stop the collection car.

Of course, Russia is being blamed for this entire arms fair. “The black market for weapons in Ukraine grew dramatically after the Russian invasion in 2014 (as the West calls the beginning of the civil war in Ukraine –VZGLYAD) due to the huge volume of weapons on hand and limited control over them… From 2013 to 2015, control over almost 300 thousand small arms was lost,” – writes the Washington Post.

Soldiers who tried to sell some of these “lost” guns and ammunition were regularly detained in the country. However, not all weapons were sold by ordinary soldiers, not everything went from Ukrainian hands to Ukrainian ones, and all the more so it did not start in 2014.

The fact is that almost immediately after the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine (on the territory of which there were warehouses of several military districts) became one of the largest sellers of Soviet weapons. And not only by legal, but also by illegal methods – according to gray schemes, in which not ordinary soldiers were involved, but Ukrainian generals and politicians. According to evil tongues, a series of explosions at military depots in the 2010s made it possible to write off weapons actually sold to the same Middle East.

And to date, nothing prevents the Ukrainian leadership from repeating the approach to the projectile – especially since the possibilities have increased dramatically. The United States has already transferred 1,400 Stinger missiles, 5,500 anti-tank missiles, 700 Switchblade attack drones, as well as a huge number of mines, ammunition and other weapons to Ukraine. As a result, Ukraine has become the largest recipient of US military aid. And this is without taking into account weapons supplied from other countries.

National Business

Mass deliveries create more than just quantitative opportunities. First, a whole range of weapons supplied by the West (the same “Stingers”) are in high demand in other countries and international terrorist organizations. Secondly, some of the weapons systems (the same Switchblade attack drones) are much more modern, and therefore more expensive than the old Soviet weapons. Third, to hide the fact of shortage, it is no longer even necessary to organize explosions of warehouses – the Russian army regularly “calibrates” Ukrainian military facilities. Including those that are used as part of the transit system of Western weapons.

Finally, Ukrainian leaders clearly predict the near future, in which the victory of Russia looks almost inevitable. This means that these figures need to take care of the means of subsistence (and even better life) in emigration right now.

Of course, the American authorities assure that none of this will happen. The State Department said that Ukraine has pledged “not to transfer equipment to third countries without the permission of the American government.” And a number of experts suggest ways to solve the problem of nonproliferation– but they all focus on introducing external control over the supply and distribution of weapons. And what kind of control can we talk about in a situation where there are military operations, and the Russian “Caliber” regularly destroy warehouses?

In addition, the United States itself violates the so-called end-user rule, which it forces Ukraine to comply with. “So, in mid-April, the United States increased its presence in the Ukrainian conflict by announcing the delivery of Mi-17 helicopters, which they bought from Russia 10 years ago. However, under the terms of the sale, the United States pledged not to transfer these weapons to third countries without Russia’s permission, ” the Washington Post recalls.

Yes, it would seem that “Russian aggression” in Ukraine justifies violating the norms – but these excuses do not allow strengthening the arms control regime. “Violating the end-user clauses is a serious threat to the ability of countries to control the use of weapons,” says Jeff Abramson, an expert at the American Arms Control Association.

In addition, you need to understand that in some situations the agreement will be violated not by Ukrainian generals, but by American ones. Simply put, some European experts claimthat almost two-thirds of the weapons that are supplied to Kiev do not reach the Ukrainian army, but are distributed by the Pentagon for other foreign policy needs.

It is not surprising that a number of Middle Eastern jihadists are already calling the conflict in Ukraine a “godsend”, expecting an influx of weapons from there. And not at all rifles with cartridges, but the same “Stingers”, suitable for the elimination of civilian aircraft, and “Javelins” for the destruction of armored targets. Even anti-ship weapons will find their use.

And the whole world will pay for this sale. Here you need to understand the specifics of the global market. If, for example, terrorist groups in the Persian Gulf region have Harpoon anti-ship missiles, this will immediately paralyze the movement of oil tankers. Not because the captains will refuse to go, but because they will be forbidden to go by insurance companies that do not want to go bankrupt because of the death of the tanker they insured.

And Moscow will be blamed for this again?

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    1. …and I am happy that you can. Your comment seems to indicate you have overcome some sort of problem – which you of course do not need to go into here, unless that would be of some benefit.

      1. I was incarcerated, for a property destruction charge…served my time and now I’m moving on… enjoying catching up on your blog entries 🙂

      2. Your honesty becomes you. And it is not mine to either justify or condemn the individual actions of others, except those conceived from positions of corrupt power and acting against the general well-being and interests of peaceful people for reasons of self-elevation, personal gain or in pursuit of blind ideology. I realise the inadequacy of that statement but I think you know what I mean.

        I am happy you are now at liberty to continue your work and thank you for your continued interest and for reblogging this piece.

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