Canada-Australia Playing Squeaky US Mice to China’s Inscrutably Smiling Cat

You know who always wins in any cat and mouse game? Well it seems amateurish Canadian and Australian military are foolishly testing the theory (at the behest of their US controllers of course) by indulging in aerial shenanigans close in to recognised Chinese borders and/or military assets.

And when these rat driven mice get chaff blown up their noses (possibly self-inflicted) and/or are required to make avoiding maneuvers for their own safety – tactics performed perfectly legally by the Chinese in the mouse initiated circumstances, the mice roar – which is actually more of a plaintive squeak – about the interruptions to their illegal (or at least spurious) activities.

It is an age-old game, played only by rodent unfortunates who have fouled their own nests and now seek to urinate and defecate in other’s clean houses. They fool no-one. Especially the smiling cats – whose homes they try to invade.

In the end the game always ends with the mouse becoming a very temporary cat’s plaything, the mouse’s head caught in a trap, or some other form of more advanced pest removal solution.

The cat always retains its inscrutable smile, purring softly

…and always thinking about the best way to deal with the rats who’s overbearing menace sent the poor mice in their stead. Perhaps considering the methods now being effectively pursued by the neighbouring bears to the same end.

In other news…

‘PLA aircraft deal with Canadian, Australian provocative close-in recon in East and South China Seas’ – By Guo Yuandan, Liu Xuanzun and Hu Jinyang – Published: Jun 05, 2022

‘Exclusive: Canadian warplanes provoke China with close-in recon over E.China Sea; claims that China buzzing military flights not true: source’ – By Guo Yuandan and Liu Xuanzun – Published: Jun 05, 2022

“Hyping PLA’s ‘dangerous intercept,’ who is Australia performing to again? Global Times editorial” – By Global Times – Published: Jun 06, 2022

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