Liberating Europe From US Stranglehold

Something I have been trying to say for the last few weeks, in my own fumbling way, two things actually, which just happen to be exactly what Gonzalo Lira has declared in video yesterday.

  • Russia is not going to accept a negotiated peace settlement over Ukraine
  • Either Russia, the Europeans, or both, are going to deny the US any presence on European soil – even if it means driving all the way to the northern, western and southern shores of Europe to evict them

The second of those points is the corollary to the first, and both are also dependant on a third point which should rightly be placed first but which is one that I have not personally written about so far to any great extent. And that point is…

  • Europe cannot exist without Russia – and, by extension, without the rest of Eurasia, of which Russia is an essential component

Gonzalo Lira places that point first in the following video and also makes the other two points in this and his earlier talk yesterday – also linked below.

‘Another Lira: What Happens To Europe When Russia Wins’ – Gonzalo Lira, from Kharkov, on the Saker blog

‘Gonzalo Lira: There Will Be No Peace Agreement’ – Gonzalo Lira, from Kharkov, on the Saker blog

You will notice, of course, that when all this occurs, as it undoubtedly will – there being no alternative other than Europe becoming an unlivable twilight zone, where only diseased and decrepit wild things graze and forage among the wreckage of past civilisation – that there will be no further place for a treaty-devoid NATO. It gives me great pleasure to think that my life will have both preceded and succeeded i.e. ‘outlived’ that dreadful and hated organisation – since this is all guaranteed to take place within the next year.

And if it doesn’t? Well, I think the alternative outline has already been made.

Alongside the demise of NATO will also occur the removal and replacement of practically all of the current crop of prominent European political and government figures and organisations. That is a matter for all europeans to organise, and I expect will not be something Russia will wait for in its drive to de-US-ify the continent. Meaning, in all likelihood, it will be solely Russia that will drive the US away, by force if necessary. The US of course has no means of preventing that. If the exact order of all these things taking place cannot be precisely foreseen, I suspect that eviction will be made a fairly high priority task. But then the US is no stranger to quick unplanned exits.

…And a final point? Well, with Europe having been cleansed of all which would tend to drag it down to the baser levels of human life, the continent will rise to higher things. There will be no place then for the ideologies that emerge from such depraved conditions of the past – such as Nazism, Narcissism, Racism, Exceptionalism, and the last degenerate religion of the newly defunct west – Wokeism.

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