“Western Economies Are Based On Illusions And Delusions” 

It becomes pointless to keep on writing on a daily basis about a conflict the outcome of which was decided more than a hundred days ago – i.e. the day it began. And so I have been waiting for the inspiration of something quite different, from another source, that I can declare and stand behind with my wholehearted support. That happens to have come today in a voice from out of Africa. And it also stands as a basis for why we can be so confidant in the outcome of that same conflict which has been the driver of my recent posts here and is continually never far from my thoughts in recent times.

When you read something, and you begin thinking – ‘I wish I had written that’, that is something you can share with the world. Here are a couple of juicy quotes I particularly liked…

There is little doubt the arrogance of the Collective West is fueled by ignorance which is a result of the poor quality of the education produced by the ideological institutions the West call universities, which have been transformed from places of rigorous learning into ones that produce only selfish, self-centered, narcissistic, hedonistic ideologues who are incapable of any thought beyond the ME!

In addition to always being on top of their game, Russian officials always come across as well-educated, well-informed, well-mannered, sophisticated, cultured, and respectful. Western officials, on the other hand, attack the world as haughty, naughty, ill-mannered, ill-educated, uncultured, provincial, and narcissistic imbeciles.

It’s education, stupid! – By Fẹmi Akọmọlafẹ for the Saker Blog

There are others gems of enlightenment, which will only reveal themselves if you care to read the whole piece on the link above.

And so I can now sit back, for a while, and watch with nary a twitch of concern, the twilight of the west as it fades into the dark night of its own self-made occultation at the hands of a more worthy (and much better educated) stream of humanity. All will once again, and opportunely, be well with the world.

I can do that, contentedly, even though it will undoubtedly mean the end of my own life. A life, the whole of which has been part of and inexorably entwined within the tendrils of that process of human deterioration and degeneration for the past more or less eight decades. A closing of one age of man. A forgettable one, with little to recommend its remembrance. And hopefully the opening of a new one. Even be it from new beginnings, and a new base of learning, or a learning of lessons from the ashes of the former.

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