Crimes & Punishment – Nuremberg 3

That there will be and is already being talked about, a new Nuremberg Trials 2, over the Covid hoax perpetrated on the world in 2019 and subsequent years, there is little doubt – and there is much to be revealed and paid for by those who will be shown to have acted against humanity. But there is also a Nuremberg 3 which will definitely hold to account those responsible for war crimes in Donbass and possibly other places – Libya, Syria, Iraq, come readily to mind. Only this time it will not be the western nations conducting the trials, but Russia, possibly in Russia.

There is no doubt that Russia will win the current conflict in Ukraine. In fact it will soon be the mopping up phase of eradication of hardened pockets of nazi resistance in a few isolated cities. The timing will be moderated by the stubbornness or otherwise of contained forces to accept the inevitable outcome. Russia does not want to destroy the Ukraine army but it can and will if necessary. So Russia will be well placed to conduct such trials. And Russia has all the evidence it needs to do so.

I am grateful to the work of the Saker to reveal documented evidence put together by the Russia Investigative Committee and a presentation of this is included in the following Saker report below.

‘Day 7 – major moves in the south, human right report suppressed’ – The Saker blog

That is possibly the only Day 7 report you will need to see for a complete picture of events.

For reference I also share a copy of the RIC presentation, here: ‘Copy of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Ukrainian military-political leadership in Donbass’ – pdf file with graphic content that cries out to be seen.

That’s all from me for now.

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