An Example of the Madness & Impotency of the West

‘London addresses Russia’s Defense Ministry to evacuate citizens from Ukraine — ministry’ – TASS

There are apparently ten British citizens in the diminishing Ukraine government areas of the country – namely Kiev and Mariupol (known centres of nazi strength), the rescue and repatriation of whom, the UK government (or at least someone referred to as ‘London’) has requested the Russian Ministry of Defence to handle. What gall these British lunatics have, after all the Russia bashing in which they have endlessly delighted!

Let’s list some of the possibilities:

  • These ten people are most likely UK government employees (spooks – advisors to the Ukronazis), or alternatively they are nazis themselves (who have finally had enough of being shot at – it’s not fun any more, but getting serious, and life-threatening).
  • Why has the UK requested Russia to intervene? Why not ask the Ukraine government, in whose jurisdiction (for possibly a few days longer) they are ensconced, to extract them?
  • Why is the ‘mighty’ UK, with its mighty ’empire’ and ‘mighty’ military, asking anyone at all to do the job they themselves should be organising? Is it because they now realise just how impotent they have become (and will that now be reflected in a changed attitude to folk such as the Russians)?
  • If they can’t do the job themselves, shouldn’t they first have turned to their masters in the US to help? And does the fact that they have not done so reflect on the impotency of that ‘great and mighty’ juggernaut of global leadership?
  • And, come to think of it, is it also a mark of US impotency (I don’t need to refer at all to their madness, that is supremely evident to all) that they have not lifted a finger to involve themselves in the Ukraine situation – a country they profess to have such great care for – other than flooding that country with 20th century weapons that are useless against modern Russian weaponry?

I will leave it there, having demonstrated, I hope, that the west – US/NATO/UK/EU/all – are a spent force which cannot hold a candle to the likes of Russia and its partners in the 21st century, and are also an alliance which is rapidly disintegrating into global irrelevance.

They (the west) have not yet come to terms with the fact that they can no longer dictate terms to the world. A new global order is now blossoming. And it is the Eurasian powers that will lead the world into a better place from now on. The crumbling west, centre of world disease and depravity, has two alternatives. At least I know of no others. The first is to ignore or fight the situation, in which case they may well destroy themselves quicker than would naturally occur. The second is to acknowledge that their time has come and gone, and their unwanted dominance will never recur, settling for a hoped for equal status and share in the new world. Not a leadership role, for which they will in any case be ill-equipped, and assuming the rest of the world can be so forgiving as to permit that – but never forgetful.

Nothing of which will likely be of help or hope to those ten Brits.

Afterthought…  I wonder how many Americans are also trapped there in the same position?

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