Russia Puts a Start on the Ending of US Biological Warfare Madness – This Must Be Completed Before the World Can Be Safe

It is no secret that the crazies who manipulate US foreign policy and military madness will, in the final analysis (and probably long before that) try to exterminate those who oppose them using biological warfare. What other purpose could there be to the plethora of US facilities surrounding Russia, China and elsewhere, which are dedicated under very strict secrecy to exploring and readying to do exactly that.

And with hundreds of leaks from these facilities every year, could that process already be under way?

Well, there is a deeper meaning and potential purpose to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine – where numerous of these facilities are operating. The Russians saw a great opportunity to get their people into there in numbers which are far larger than was possibly needed to drive Ukraine forces out of the Donbass region. This is also shown by their multi-pronged drive deep into the heart of Ukraine, catching the west entirely by surprise and with some not yet declared purpose. Catching and revealing what the US is doing in these laboratories to the world at large may well be that purpose – or part of it. Another very good reason of course would be to deprive Ukraine of any coastal territory, which will be achieved with the taking of Odessa, home (according to the article below) of at least 16 US bio-labs. I’m sure it is not lost on the Russians that a complete land-bridge between Russia and potentially friendly states also bordering the Black Sea would be very beneficial to them and restrict any reason for future weaselly western wanderings of a military nature in those waters. Good thinking Russia.

There is much more detail than I care to provide in this New Eastern Outlook story from Vladimir Platov. Please read. It is vitally important material.

‘Russia Prevents Washington from Unleashing Biological Warfare’ – Vladimir Platov for New Eastern Outlook.

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