Russia ‘Special Operation’ in Ukraine – Day 9

So many things to write about and I don’t have the time or energy to do it all, so I will stick to the important things for now, and see what else I can do later.

The conflict in Ukraine is going well for the Russians. Hooray!!! for Russia, who should boldly ignore any calls for them to desist. The job needs to be finished – successfully. Fuck the peace callers – they understand nothing. But this conflict is being executed at great cost to Russia and that must be recognised. Almost 500 dead Russian soldiers as at yesterday’s report. That is a huge commitment. But I am sure that every single one of those lost lives would see it as fair price for the continued existence of their homeland – which is really what they are fighting for. Russia must see this through to completion to ensure that Ukraine can never become a problem – a tool in the hands of evil-doers – for Russia again.

It is going badly for the Ukrainians – losing ground everywhere and with at least five time greater losses in life. But I feel for them also. They did not ask for this conflict. It was thrust on them, through their weak leaders, by those who seek to control the world – or did seek such control, since they will now never again have opportunity to do so. That has now been taken from them and they will soon collapse in disarray, ‘from sea to shining sea’. Ukraine will never be the same again, but that is little loss to the world. It is just another rearrangement of borders – happening multiple times in that area over the years. And I don’t care what Russia claims about not rearranging Ukraine borders, that is exactly what will happen – what needs to happen. The now, or soon, liberated people of southern Ukraine need to ensure that happens.

It is going even more badly for the nazi battalions. They have no future – and I am sure they know that now. They are refusing to obey Ukraine military orders, at least in Mariupol where the Ukraine army has now hit them with tactical missiles – a remarkable turn of events. I see hope now that the Ukraine military will move over to the support of the Russian forces to rid their country of the nazi plague that has held them back for the last 8 years and also to eventually oust their own government which allowed that to happen. Such events will be something significant in world affairs and may trigger such events in other nations of western Europe. That marks the importance of this conflict. A complete routing of the powers that be, in Europe, would leave America isolated and without friends – the penultimate goal. A united world being the ultimate.

Anyway, I had better show the latest conflict map, which is what I first set out to do here – and I am very grateful to Readovka News for producing such fine work, which even the Saker blog has now taken to using.

‘Map of military operations in Ukraine over the past day’ – Readovka News – published 04.02.2022

Note: No map image is shown here because an enlargeable image is contained in the linked Readovka article – a better option.

I must add one more link. The Izvestia report below carries significant information on various aspects of the conflict. Worth the read.

They came to the “Azov”: the forces of the LPR and DPR began to liberate Mariupol– Izvestia News

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