A Sad Case Of US Delinquency

There are times when I struggle to find something I really want to talk about, but it doesn’t usually take long before the US government provides an impelling reason to raise my voice yet again.

Here they are, again and again and again behaving like juveniles trying to emulate adults in a grown-up world.  Actually, this should not be so surprising since juveniles are precisely what they are.  How could we expect them to behave any differently.  

When killing people is not allowed to be part of the program (they are very good at that of course, in fact it is their main game) they are entirely lost as to how else they should be seen to behave.  So, in the absence of any practical ideas they resort the sort of kindergarten pranks they are familiar with – such as withholding or delaying visas for those they just can’t find a way to get along with – chiefly the Russians.

Now, the Russians are well known around the world to be very friendly people, eager to spread and share common humanitarian goodness and lend assistance wherever they can.  They even nicely try to coax the delinquent Americans into being cooperative rather than themselves leaping to some sort of affronted stand-off tactics.  But there are limits to the gentle approach and a number of warnings have been made about removing some hosting rights from these inadequates to somewhere else whose people could be expected to display a more appropriate level of maturity.  That process has been discussed though so far remains unenacted, but I think time and the patience of all others concerned, is fast running out.

It’s a sad case, but some folk never reach the stage of full maturity – even though many of them wear grown-up clothes, have grey hair, and are even allowed to carry real guns, for goodness’ sake.  

“US fails to issue visas to delegates from Russian Federal Treasury”

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