Life On The Checkpoints

The Moscow based online news-sheet VZGLYAD may not be well known outside its local area (actually I don't know if that is entirely true - I don't have its readership statistics - but I assume that to be the case), but it does produce some wonderful pieces of on-the-spot reporting. This is old-style journalism, and... Continue Reading →

The Best Review So Far of Russia’s ‘Special Operation’ in Ukraine – Sez I (or ‘Sez Me’, if you prefer)

Why is such essential reporting not more widely known? I refer to the self-stated 18+ electronic newssheet 'VZGLYAD', which I only just now discovered for myself - the article, linked below, published by News Front (one of my recently regular sources), originated from VZGLYAD. Having no idea to what 'VZGLYAD' referred, I looked it up... Continue Reading →

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