In The Year 2045

Do you have a reasonable expectation of being alive in 2045, another thirty years from now?  I expect I might have some hope of living for another 20 years or so but I would reach 100 years in 2045 and not many men do that.  My mother though met that target this year so, just perhaps, I stand a better chance than most.

What will life be like in 2045?  Well, the UK Ministry of Defence has recently released its periodic Global Strategic Trends report out to that year, see article on motherboard: There is a link to the pdf report in this article.

While taking into account that extrapolation reaching that far into the future is at best chancy, they have taken the best estimates on offer, and it doesn’t present a particularly great picture to say the least.  But then, I have been warning about similar things here and elsewhere for some time now.

On the whole I think they portray rather rosier conditions for business, technology and economics than I would, but then they haven’t taken a particularly strong position on the effects of population, resource depletion, and the possibility of economic collapse long before the possibility of the technologies that they predict can be developed, that I would.

It is though, quite interesting and thought provoking, especially to those who would continue to maintain that a life well lived by a few might somehow influence the creation of a better world for the many who don’t give those things a second thought.

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