Is It To Be This Year? This Holiday Season?

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. Our modern world is so confused, so twisted, so ‘unreal’ that sometimes it seems these are the only things that are real. I am taking a risk here, that I might for ever be considered a conspiracy theorist (if that is not already the case). But it is a risk worth taking, I believe. The truth is out there, somewhere. Whether this is it, we will have to wait to see. It may not be a long wait.

You may be aware of the story I am going to share today. It comes from a 2016 Tv series. I wasn’t personally aware of it until tonight, or last night, depending on the difference between your and my local time. I say that, only because you may have already formed an opinion, but take another look. Different sources may have taken dissimilar viewpoints at the time, or related it to differing contexts. It is worth reviewing for its remarkable co-alignment with events having emerged over the course of the past few years, and the information it contains could have been deliberately released back in 2016 as a cover. Think COVID. Think mRNA injections. Think growing sudden deaths and illogical illnesses among the fittest in the community. Think WEF and its stated plans for global de-population. Think in terms of your own experience.

The story came to me (without comment) from The Automatic Earth. Exactly why it should have been chosen to appear on TAE, right now, is entirely unclear. However, the video was poor and I searched for an alternative source. I chose the Penny Butler blog (unknown to me prior) because the video and sound are better and commentary is to my liking. OK, this is a little ‘way out’ I know, but we tend to accept even stranger stories (Look at all those who fell for the Covid cover story). And this is, even from back in 2016 (and the extended X-Files), very close to what a growing number of folk the world over have, always and more so today, come to recognise or consider to be more than just passing fancy. And it is not about aliens. Is it real? You decide. But you better make an informed decision. It could all be happening, starting in the next few weeks. Could it be this holiday season? We won’t make it to another, the way things are going. Holiday season is a time when there are global movements for one reason or another. Many people are away from home and ‘normality’. A time of planned disruption. Perhaps the perfect time for the dropping of the hammer. Everyone caught off-balance for maximised effect.  All the signs, if you read the signs and watch how events unfold in these modern times, where it seems that nothing is going to be how we have known it to be in the past. Drastic change is upon us. Covid has all the appearances of having been a kickstarter for further nightmares down the road, and nightmares of a different and more sinister nature. Or it could just be the end of the bad old ways and the beginning of a new world. Is this video excerpt just a glimpse into the backstory which has been behind it all? We must hope then, that it fails, and the emerging new world of which I have spoken recently, manages to bloom and offer succour to the worn and weary survivors who are fortunate enough to see that happen, and to be a part of it.

‘X-Files | The Takeover Of The World’ – Journey To A Better Life (The Penny Butler blog) – June 7, 2022

For a direct link to the Rumble video, with commentary (but it would be better to see the blog commentary also)…

X-Files | DNA | SmallPox Vax | CRISPR | Gene-Editing | Eugenics

My only reason for writing this, is that the reason for the change should never be forgotten – and the mistakes perhaps never be repeated.

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