Why a New Europe Must Evolve

“The European 31 has a choice to make: Live under the transatlantic jackboot, stamped on its face from 3,000 miles away, or choose liberation and sovereignty.

From ‘After the Ukraine Is Over, Many a European Heart is Aching’ – Batiushka – the Saker blog – December 13, 2022

I wish I could make this Batiushka article which appeared today, mandatory reading for every European, everyone who has ever been to or left Europe, everyone who has even heard of Europe. Batiushka puts into words my exact thoughts (the thoughts my bumbling writing, often failingly, and never quite successfully, tries to express). I urge you to not miss the opportunity to gain this point of view for yourself. It must be, and it will be. No other future, except a form of desolation and despair, is possible.

The next big thing for our world, already under construction, is a Eurasian led liberation of all nations seeking independence and sovereignty. A liberation from the oppression of imperialist driven unilateralism. This is much spoken about in recent days. You will have heard that, yes? No? Then please pay more attention to real news. It is your future too.

Part of that global liberation must, of necessity, include Europe – a sad sight today, and headed for unthinkable desolation, unless there is such an intervention.

We live, as I say repeatedly, in exciting times. Dangerous times, yes. But nothing worthwhile comes easily. For folk lulled into an expectation of the easy life, that may come as a shock. But get your head around what is said here and you may begin to feel the excitement of the times – if you don’t already suspect or know that something very important for all of us, is in the air.


‘After the Ukraine Is Over, Many a European Heart is Aching’

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