No Place for USA Outside USA

I was among the first to say this, having hinted at the prospect several times this fateful year of 2022. As the year is drawing to a close, it is becoming more apparent that this is the future. A USA (perhaps under another name) confined to its own borders. No longer to terrorise the world.

What I actually said most recently (my previous post), based on a small Readovka article which I doubt many outside Russia would have read, was…

…China has just about sown up its stewardship of the Persian Gulf, and indeed the whole of the South Asian coastal waters and West Asia as a whole. The Chinese are really serious about ensuring the success of their Belt and Road Initiative. I’m sure the US, et al, will be cordially invited to leave, of their own accord, on the ‘no space for base’ principle.

I Do Care, of Course, About Some Things – NotSomethingElse

Throughout the year I have made reference to the fact that Russia will not be satisfied that its politely requested Security Guarantees are being fully implemented unless and until NATO is disbanded and the US removes itself or is removed from Europe (which basically means they need to go home). It didn’t have to come to that but this is what they (the US) chose to be their only option. The Ukraine borders are now irrelevant – only complete capitulation is acceptable.

Today, and this is not the only reference I could point to, we read…

‘China has challenged the United States in the Middle East’ – RIA Novosti

China, obviously more diplomatic than I need to be, phrases the situation slightly differently…

‘China-Arab ties open a new chapter; influence profound’ – Global Times (I have not fully read this article yet, but I trust GT)

The US will soon be given the same choice (to remove themselves or be removed) from West Asia – in fact the whole of Asia. The same will go for Africa and also South America.

They are not wanted anywhere in the world.

They are not needed anywhere in the world.

They are not liked anywhere in the world.

In fact they are hated pretty much everywhere in the world – even by their own allies and among the loathsome and despotic brotherhood of the five.

They have soiled our world for long enough. Let them remain within their own borders. Impotent. Irrelevant. Ignored. Slowly destroying themselves, since the drive for destruction that possesses them will not be easily overcome. It is good that by their own hands they are now powerless to prevent their own collapse into irrelevance.

And the rest of the world can then live in peace and harmony, helped along by the larger benevolent countries of the great Eurasian continent now rising to the challenge, until all ethnic sectors of humanity have been raised to stand firm and strong in a spirit of cooperation as always should have been the case. And there is no continent or country which is the exclusive reserve of any other and an end is made to asset and resource stripping for the enrichment and advancement or supremacy of any other.

This is the future we, the wider world, are now building.

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