I Do Care, of Course, About Some Things

…but there is a reason (I just learned, from watching this Gonzalo Lira video) why my attitude to writing has changed of late and I am being more selective on the things I write about.

So, first this timely video, then I have a couple of things I think worthy of mention.

Next, it pains me to have to do this, but the proliferation of voices of Armageddon seems to be growing to a crescendo just now, and it is all nonsense, as I said in a recent post on this site. There will be no Armageddon. But that doesn’t mean there will be no use of nuclear weapons. On the contrary, I think it now inevitable that, for the western countries, Armageddon is going to become very real, but since the west represents only a small and mostly already despoiled portion of global real estate, it won’t matter very much. Yes, there may be a few years of nuclear winter up north (I’m happily ensconced in a low population Australian country location, where major cities are very widely spaced anyway), but many places on Earth may not notice much has changed, since all the hits will be localised to mainly western military command, operational and strike centres (wherever they may be located) plus a complete disruption of normal life and its support structures. That’s my best guess at what a Russian ‘Hit First’ effort would be. For the west, there would be no coming back from that. No retaliation whatsoever.

[Note: I speak of potential rather than actual outcomes. None of this is cast in stone. In fact early and complete western capitulation is the more likely outcome. This is just what will happen if bad goes to worse]

So, the author of this article knows little of what he speaks, either in terms of the scope of a potential Russian wiping of the board in eastern Europe (there will be little left to wipe in the western parts) – ‘Putin Doesn’t Bluff’ – Daily Reckoning – December 6, 2022. This is, of course, just one example – there are others equally way off the mark. And the author of the piece, Jim Rickards, is not only off the mark about the nuclear stuff, but about the whole scope of what Russia has in mind for its fresh and so far unused, half million man army, sitting poised and ready to be unleashed on utterly unprepared NATO scum.

The reason I am so sure of this? Well, all that has gone before, but especially this statement today (actually yesterday now)- That Sends Shockwaves… – as reported by Andrei Martyanov. Add ‘Decapitation Strike’ to your dictionary of phrases now in the playbook of Russian military. If this is the way it goes, it will be a one-way, one-sided battle. There will be no answering strike by the west. And it will be quick – even over before Ol’ Joe can get his briefcase open. And even if he does, all he will hear is a pffzzzz sound as his world disintegrates around him. It is to be hoped that abject surrender is to be preferred as a better alternative to that outcome by Joe’s minders. But they had better be quick and open and honest about that choice, if any such thing is even possible.

Finally, on the assumption that we will all (or most) still be here to witness it, China has just about sown up its stewardship of the Persian Gulf, and indeed the whole of the South Asian coastal waters and West Asia as a whole. The Chinese are really serious about ensuring the success of their Belt and Road Initiative. I’m sure the US, et al, will be cordially invited to leave, of their own accord, on the ‘no space for base’ principle.

For background read…

‘China seeks control of the entrance to the Persian Gulf’ – Readovka – December 10, 2022

Leaving the region appears to be the only realistic future option for western interests, they having already taken their shot at establishing their own warped world of so-called democracy, using entirely the wrong tactical path. They will not be given another opportunity to spoil things again.

There is no need for me to further embellish this piece of vital news, which is simply just another quiet step in the formation of the new world of peaceful cooperation now well underway. No fanfares required. No bombs, shells, invasions or toppling of governments necessary either. Isn’t that a better way?

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