Add This to Your Pronouns, Freaks!

So… do you identify with this?

Well, kind of figures if you do. Most folk would, today, in this freakshow of western so-called civilisation – which is falling apart more each day that passes.

What you say? You couldn’t watch that video? Not surprising. It is the original version from 2021, which the weirdos in charge of the discriminatory censorship of the lunatic asylum known as authoritarian wokedom would not pass for general viewing. Never fear, here is an edited version (which has not lost any impact) from some months later.

Ah, that’s better. Can see this one (for now at least).

If you see yourself as like any of the degraded humans depicted in the video, I feel sorry for you. If you were fooled into that identity, I still feel sorry for you – but you damn well should have known better. You were given a brain to think. Fucking use it! Don’t let anyone make decisions for you that you wouldn’t make for yourself. It is probably too late now for you to take that advice. But hey, that was your choice to make, and you were not strong enough or had enough personal integrity to make the right decision. For you, I hope there is opportunity to rectify that. If you knowingly chose to be the way you are and to take the path you now tread, then you will get the fate you deserve.

For those of us who found the strength and gumption to remain human (aka straight, normal, upright, caring, intelligent, relatively healthy, and a host of other desirable human attributes that have always been our birthright and inheritance), there is still a hope that our species – in other parts of the world if not in the west – will prevail and prosper into a viable future. If, that is, we can survive the present dangers imposed by the Freak World of the west.

We cannot let it end like this! Jesus… What happened to us? Maybe now you realise.

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