What To Do About That Jolly, Fat, Old, Man, Dressed In Red

It will be 2016 very soon.  Isn’t it time we gave the dreary Santa Claus story the old heave-ho and stopped telling lies to our children and teaching them that buying stuff is the way things are meant to be so they had better grow up to be happy little doyens of the consumer society.

It is not as though the modern Santa image has anything much in common in any case with the various medieval tales, myths and legends of so long ago that they no longer hold any relevance today.  No.  The modern Santa Claus image comes to us courtesy of Coca-Cola starting in the 1920s.  So, it is just an advertising gimmick for the consumer society.

Well, I guess that pretty much sums up the whole concept of modern Christmas anyway, so perhaps the two (modern Santa – modern Christmas) go hand in hand together.  It doesn’t mean that they have any relevance or meaning to actual Christmas.  But then actual Christmas (itself an imaginary excuse for a religious festival, made up partly randomly and partly to coincide with the pagan festival of Yule in order to convince pagans that by becoming Christians they weren’t really changing religion), no longer has any relevance to most people even in nominally Christian countries.


But if you are a pagan, and still follow the old religion, then by all means you have every right, and perhaps some duty,  to keep on celebrating Yule, with all of its associated merriment and even Santa in his original incarnation as The Holly King.  But not Christmas.  That is now revealed as just some modern, consumerist, orgasm.  But if you are a pagan you would already know that wouldn’t you.

So, heck, for the rest of us, we may as well keep our modern Santa and Christmas and just keep on shopping, pissing and eating ourselves stupid.  Why not, eh?  Whyever not?  You have my blessing to do so.  I certainly have no intention of trying to stop you.  But I don’t think you will be doing that for long.

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