The Duplicity of Duality

You can't control, or influence, what is out of reach, out of contact. I suppose this is why the industrialised West, in the form of the G7, is beginning to realise that they need Russia close rather than being 'on the outer' through the 'punishment' of isolation. But does Russia actually need the confines of... Continue Reading →

“I am the Chosen One”

Donald J "I am the Chosen One" Trump. Can you believe he said that, with hands raised to the sky? See the BBC news clip.  He's lost it. Lost the plot. Completely lost it. Where does that leave America? Where does that leave the world? Where does that leave you and I? He's also put... Continue Reading →

The Bully’s Greatest Fear

"China does not plan to take part in Russia-US talks on nuclear disarmament" — diplomat Nor should they.  That is strictly a matter between the US and Russia. China is not in the same nuclear league as the 'big two' nations - yet - and obviously does not want its efforts to make that a... Continue Reading →

Turks Bottled Up In Murak OP

I warned a few days ago that the Turkish southernmost observation post in the northern Hama province at Murak was in danger of being surrounded by the rampaging Syrian army forces intent on liberating their northern territory from the nest of thousands of terrorists, some under Turkish backing, occupying it.  This appears to be the... Continue Reading →

Climate Confusion and Sea-level Rise Nonsense

Climate change evacuation planning needs to start now, urges scientists This story, based mainly on a 'Science' magazine article, is almost all pure nonsense.  Well, apart from the first four paragraphs which are there purely as attention grabbers. And I don't mean that what they are talking about is basically untrue.  It isn't. It's just... Continue Reading →

Trump’s G8 Idea Not So Gr8

US President Donald Trump recently made noises about returning Russia to the now defunct G8 group of nations. I think that Russia is not too concerned about being excluded from the Group of Eight nations since 2014, rendering it now a Group of Seven (G7). Maybe if it were a more serious forum, operating within... Continue Reading →

Erm… Australian Prime Minister, Sir, Did You Read This Before Joining The US Jaunt At Hormuz?

A new report from the United States Study Center, at the University of Sydney says that the US military is no longer the primary force in Asia, and missiles from China's rapidly improving military could overwhelm its bases in hours. I wonder if the Australian government knew of or took this report into account before making... Continue Reading →

Revelations To Rock Washington

I have consistently reported James Howard Kunstler's assertions (here, here, here, here and numerous earlier posts) that documentary evidence will be brought against those responsible for the prosecution of the 'Russia Collusion' lies fronted by the Mueller investigation over more than 2 years, now debunked, leading to potential jail time for Mueller himself, the Clintons,... Continue Reading →

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