Revelations To Rock Washington

I have consistently reported James Howard Kunstler’s assertions (here, here, here, here and numerous earlier posts) that documentary evidence will be brought against those responsible for the prosecution of the ‘Russia Collusion’ lies fronted by the Mueller investigation over more than 2 years, now debunked, leading to potential jail time for Mueller himself, the Clintons, the Obamas, and many in the Democratic party leadership, the US intelligence services and even in the DOJ. 

I did that because I believed and still believe those allegations to be true.

It seems that over the next few months, according to Kunstler and now also to ‘The Hill’ in this article, those proceeding will actually happen, based on such documentary evidence.  Some details of that are shared in this article: “10 declassified Russia collusion revelations that could rock Washington this fall”

I expect deep disruptions to ensue.

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