Tugging On The Monster’s Skirts …Again

So, my country, Australia, continues its time honoured practice of making the wrong military decisions by acceding to US pressure to join it in an ill thought out plan to police the Straits of Hormuz.

I suspect that the US, embarrassed by the lack of international support for its scheme (only UK and Bahrain are also in the club), but emboldened by the recent Aussie request for access to US oil reserves (since Australia actually has a policy of not having more than a few weeks supply), has exerted extra pressure on our government to comply.

The operation is supposed to adhere to the rules of international law but, as is generally known, America is the nation least likely to restrict its activities to such trivial matters. 

Here we go again.  Tugging on the monster’s skirts.  

Nothing good can come of this decision.  Especially in light of Russia’s UN bid for a properly actioned global strategy (as opposed to US vigilante posse mentality) which is yet to be discussed. 

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