Normal Service Will Not Be Resumed

A thoughtful piece this time from young Jim Kunstler.  A potted history of the existence of man.  Brought right up to date to the current decade.  It is interesting to realise all that has come before and what we now see and, if we have any sense of the occasion, what we now fear. 

There is no normal.  

Folks as ancient as me have had years to experience much of what has now passed, perhaps – if we have been paying attention – something of the wisdom to be gained from going through it, but most of all the pain of realising that it is almost all over – and not just for us.

Jim expresses this all so eloquently.

I simply despair for those younger than myself who have so many unendurable things yet to experience and to endure in the years ahead.

I’m sorry, young folk, that we couldn’t have left you with a better world.  We really didn’t know what we were doing.  Most, simply enjoying the times we had and the amazing madcap journey of discovery we were on – until it was too late.  And even now that we, some of us, realise our mistakes, and contemplate the enormous cost and burden on our children that we have heaped up, we cannot completely tear ourselves away from those times past that we now see slipping away behind on the downward side of the hill.

There is no normal.


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