Idlib Is Syrian Not Turkish

On Monday, August 19, as Syrian army units were successfully retaking control of the town of Khan Sheikhoun, a Turkish army convoy including tanks entering Syria to ostensibly reinforce its garrison in one of the ‘observation posts’ in Idlib, was attacked by the Syrian air force.

Turkey was naturally upset by this action, but Turkey also needs to realise that Syria is not a party to the Russia, Iran, Turkey ceasefire guarantorship over the Idlib province.  As far as Syria is concerned, while Russia and Iran are partners with the Syrian government, and operate in the country by invitation, that invitation does not extend to Turkey who, like the US and EU nations, are considered invaders of Syria.

Turkey wants the ceasefire enforced, primarily because that favours their own agenda, but the ceasefire never extended to terrorists in Idlib, many of which operate with Turkish backing.

The whole thing is a mess.  A mess which can be laid squarely at the door of the US authorities who started the conflict too many years ago for me to remember.   

Syria is absolutely within its rights to fire on Turkish military units within its borders.  I back them all the way on that.  Syria also is in great need for the Idlib terrorist situation to be resolved.  Allowing them to remain there under a ceasefire is not a solution.  The only viable solution is the elimination of the threat.  No nation should stand in the way of that – including Turkey.

The Syrian army is, incidentally, doing a fine job, with Russian backing, to prosecute that plan.  Russia, as a guarantor partner with Turkey, and therefore responsible for them being in Syria, should do what is necessary to ensure that Turkey stays out of the way. 

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