“I am the Chosen One”

Donald J “I am the Chosen One” Trump. Can you believe he said that, with hands raised to the sky? See the BBC news clip

He’s lost it. Lost the plot. Completely lost it.

Where does that leave America? Where does that leave the world? Where does that leave you and I?

He’s also put the ‘Nasty’ word on the Danish Prime Minister.

You know, when I was young, very young, up until I turned about eleven years in 1956, the world seemed normal.  At least quite normal.  Nothing much changed from year to year unlike now when everything changes every year.

The world never was ‘normal’ in my youth of course, but it seemed normal.  There was always the Cold War of course, going on in the background, but ordinary people never or seldom heard of it.  There were occasional rumblings from time to time, such as the Suez crisis in ’56.  Then things began to pick up speed, with the Cuban crisis, the moon landing, the 6 Day War, the Vietnam War, and since then the continuous wars, somewhere in the world, that have plagued our civilisation from the ’70s right up to today.  And permeating all the way through that – at least from the ’50s through the ’90s – the program of nuclear test detonations and the ominous threat of nuclear annihilation for all of us.

Nothing can be said to have been ‘normal’ throughout that whole period – even though we tried our best to pretend that it was.  That pretence – the avoidance of the truth of reality – is what has brought us to where we are today, with verifiable lunatics running the world.  And not just Trump – although he is the standout specimen.

On nuclear testing: I just horrified myself when I queried the extent of nuclear testing for this post.  Did you know that during the ’50s to the ’90s, across the world there were a total of 520 atmospheric nuclear explosions (including 8 underwater) and a staggering number of 1,352 underground explosions.  Can you imagine what effect all that had on our fragile global environment, our wafer thin atmosphere and the ground and bedrock under our feet? 

We are quite mad.  Or at least those maniacs who have floated to the top of our human cookpot, forming the scum that dominates the dish, certainly are.  The rest of us are the unorganised or disorganised rabble that has allowed this to happen.

What I am saying is that it is not all Trump’s fault.  What we see today is the net sum of decades of carefully chosen neglect of what we have been cooking up for ourselves.  And there is nothing much else to put on the table.  So, eat up and be merry, for tomorrow… 

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  1. Again – well said! These days, skillful verbiage from minds living outside the box/matrix/System is akin to time in the garden or forest – a revitalization, invigoration and validation. It’s what we strive to put online.Thanks for your work!

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