The Duplicity of Duality

You can’t control, or influence, what is out of reach, out of contact.

I suppose this is why the industrialised West, in the form of the G7, is beginning to realise that they need Russia close rather than being ‘on the outer’ through the ‘punishment’ of isolation.

But does Russia actually need the confines of that narrow and fickle  relationship?

PACE, the Council of Europe, also recently discovered the same relationship needs arising from an almost identical situation.  In order to rebuild the bridges with Russia that they themselves had earlier burned, it was necessary for PACE to formally accept Russia as an ‘equal rights’ partner with guarantees of security of place in the council.

Similarly, while Russia has expressed its openness to collegial relationships with other nations in many areas, the nation is not desirous of being part of a resuscitated G8 on the same conditions as previously pertained.  The G7 it seems needs Russia’s membership much more than Russia needs membership of the G7.

It’s an attitudinal problem really, the attitude of ‘reward’ or ‘punishment’ for perceived ‘good’ or ‘bad’ behaviour.  If the G8 is ever to be resurrected it will require documented rights on the equality of participating nations to override the fickle attitudes of some.

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