Turks Bottled Up In Murak OP

I warned a few days ago that the Turkish southernmost observation post in the northern Hama province at Murak was in danger of being surrounded by the rampaging Syrian army forces intent on liberating their northern territory from the nest of thousands of terrorists, some under Turkish backing, occupying it.  This appears to be the push to do that, something which I have been waiting two years to see.  

The Syrians have now pushed the terrorists back over the Idlib province border and I hope are looking to head further north. 

That Turkish observation post is now surrounded by Syrian battle tanks in an undoubted stand-off in which one side will have to give way.  Turkey is illegally operating on Syrian land and with no way in or out of their little temporary fortress, appear to be under the greatest pressure.  

I suspect that Russia will need to negotiate a withdrawal for the trapped Turkish troops and their terrorist comrades.  Surely the mad Americans would not attempt to relieve their NATO allies?

There is potential in this situation for some sort of international flare-up.  I hope it doesn’t come to that. 

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