“Reality Transcends Imagination… This Man Is Unpredictable”

The above is a quote from this article:

“Trump scraps Denmark visit after Danes say Greenland not for sale”

He was serious, you know, and that together with the pouting sulk that resulted in the cancellation of his planned visit to Denmark, speaks volumes for the mental state and maturity of the American leader.  How can you deal with such lunacy and such infantility?  Well, you can be straight up and straight spoken, which thank goodness the Danish PM has been.  

Thank goodness because such a ‘deal’ would have been disastrous for the entire world.  

It is inconceivable that any nation anywhere would want or be obliged to sell territory of any sort, even a desert, although maybe a bottomless sinkhole would be all right, to a nation operating on the brink of sanity like the US is, and does, and has done for many a decade now. 

It is almost incomprehensible why any nation would want to be in any sort of relationship with America right now. Those who can see further than the end of their nose are scrambling to rid themselves of any US ties. Especially financial and monetary ties.

Which brings up another question. Where on Earth would the US get the money to pay for a slice of land which is the biggest island in the world? It could only come from being raised as debt – meaning that US companies, institutions and wealthy investors plus mug punters from around the world, would be paying for it – just like everything else in the US these days. Doesn’t America have enough debt already?

I can see why America might want more land, apart from the militarily strategic benefits, and that is that they are going to need somewhere else to live quite soon, as their current territory will become unusable as a place of residence or sustenance within the next decade or so, both as a result of climate change and the human havoc they have wrought upon it.

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