Progress In The Liberation Of Syria

“Syrian Army liberates entire Hama Governorate and Idlib’s Khan Sheikhoun”

I reported on this story several days ago – ‘Idlib Is Syrian Not Turkish’ – but I cannot hope to bring out the sort of detail as Syrian-American Sarah Abed skilfully does from her closer sources. Her work is appreciated and well worth reading.

It is rather a messy situation made worse by Syria’s major ally also being partnered with one of Syria’s enemies, or at least not-friends. Russia is responsible for the Turkish presence in Syria, along with the terrorist alliances that brings. I feel that Russia should do something to ensure that partnership does not interfere with the Syrian efforts to free their still occupied lands. But since that partnership is more of a commercial relationship, in Russia’s favour, and one that they are seeking to extend, they may not be inclined to press the point too firmly.

May the SAA triumph over all difficulties, no matter how long it takes. They seem to be doing a fine job – and one that I have waited for two years to see. Progress is being made.

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