SCO High Ideals versus US/West Divisive Intrusions and Unsubtle Sabotage

‘SCO countries making friends not against anyone but in name of high ideals – Kremlin’ – TASS

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is a growing community of states following the same high ideals.

Illustrating the right path, right thinking, of Russia and the SCO countries generally, is the balancing act by Russia as intermediary and peace-maker between Azerbaijan and Armenia over their joint border issues. Those two nations enjoy partner status in the SCO.

Contrast that with the always divisive policies of the west, pointedly noted in the current visit of Busybody Pelosi to further divide those two nations with soothing noises of western ‘closeness’ and ‘friendship’ to Armenia and caustic threats or warnings to Azerbaijan. It’s the American way, you know, and there is always an undercurrent of meanness and sabotage towards the right efforts of others. But few nations are fooled by this approach any more.

‘Pelosi expresses US’ commitment to strengthen relations with Armenia’ – TASS

The west is simply a bunch of mavericks and mad dogs. Why does the world put up with their so out-front, objectionable antics? Well, the answer is, increasingly they don’t. The west has few friends (check recent UN voting statistics) and even those friends and allies among the European nations are slowly destroying themselves at the behest of the hate-filled and chief rogue western state – the USA.

The right attitude to international affairs of the SCO is evidenced by the queue of sovereign nations waiting to gain membership to the organisation.

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