Western White States’ Fatal Needs

It looks like what used to be western white’s existential needs for old gold driven colonialism is morphing – as a renewed fatal need for the new 21st century gold of precious rare earths (uncommon in or totally missing from their own lands) – into a blood lust not fitting within the definition of anything related to colonialist ideology. Totalitarianism is not the game. That’s too expensive to administer, govern and control. It must be something more akin to genocide of the rest of the world. We know they have that sort of idea in mind. No, not COVID. That was just a warmup overture and to lay the groundwork for the next step. And I’m fairly sure it is not nuclear devastation. There is an air of too low confidence in the capabilities of their own weapons within their ranks. But whatever it is, it is a blood lust aimed at spilling the blood of the rest of the world. We are not needed.

It is not difficult to ascertain that this is what consumes the west from the inside, in a seething hatred of those they consider ‘others’. That is, those who’s lands do possess abundant rare earths, i.e. much of the rest of the world. But a simple list of their stated enemies, or those at least members of organisations set up to oppose the west, gives the game away – China, Russia, India, Brazil. There are many others.

Some sense and confirmation of the magnitude of this most recent of human predicaments may be garnered from this current newsy article:

‘Ursula von der Leyen joins the fight for rare earths’ – RIA Novosti

Well, if the white west chooses (and they have no other choice really – if they want to retain position on the global economic ladder of influence) to follow a path of blood-lust to achieve their future goals, it is their own blood they must be made to spill. They are a minority. About a billion, but no more than that. Why should the majority global peoples – those who have for so long suffered western white dominance – those same peoples who are now emerging as sovereign powers in their own rights, be made to disappear or again be cruelly subjugated by these mongrel, fat, lazy, sick, decadent, mentally deficient, disgusting savages we call ‘westerners’?

Russia is doing something about that, and holding the line, alone, at the moment. China says it has their back. Others, to varying degrees, offer verbal support. In fact, the majority of nation states and 7/8 of the global population are poised, perhaps waiting for some, I don’t know, signal or other which ensures success and a relief from the tension, with guarantees of their safety. That may never come if the world holds its breath… waiting for it. Or it may be an inevitable outcome, given the state of western economies. But that is the whole point. The more desperate the west becomes – likely to peak in the next few months of gradually freezing physical conditions, it may never come, but if it does – then acts of desperation may ensure no-one wins.

The only positive guarantee is for the world to quickly come together and splat the west in whatever way seems best. I’m not going to suggest that should happen. There’s nothing much in it for me either way. And the energy required to generate such a move, I think has never before been seen in all of our past history. So, our fate, you may say, may or may not be in our own hands – and that would in any case be a silly and rather insecure position to place it. Better maybe to cast it to the winds, and see where it blows. But that does not represent a plan. If you want a plan, then you have to do something – a) to come up with one, and b) to make it work. The backbone of such a plan – by both sides – may have already been installed and during the past few years, especially this year of 2022, glimpses of those plans have increasingly been viewable – by those who have eyes to see, and are looking.

The west has clearly made a stand and staked out its field (it has been preparing such a stand now for quite some years – this is not new). It is now up to the rest of the world to take the field, with a game plan (I believe, as I said earlier, Russia, China and some others, have one) and make a decisive and early play before they are knocked out of the contest. The games have already begun.

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